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Why We Row
Rowing is a sport exemplified by simplistic beauty where balance, harmony, rhythm, power and endurance culminate into a graceful fluidity that belies an intense mental focus. Easy to learn, yet a challenge to master, rowing is a lifetime sport –
it’s never too early or too late to learn.

Through the discipline of training indoors on ergometers, in tanks and on the water, rowing provides a wealth of physical
and mental benefits regardless of skill level or physical challenges. The aerobic and anaerobic low-impact, full-body workout engages all major muscle groups yielding a balanced strength that improves resistance to injury. Many sports like cycling, hockey, soccer, football, tennis and running now use rowing as a off-season cross-training option and as a therapeutic
tool for injury rehabilitation.

Rowing can be done year round, with the benefit of indoor rowing machines (ergometers) but is best enjoyed outdoors providing the opportunity to disconnect from the hubbub and chaos of daily life while reaping its many rewards.
Competitive and recreational rowers alike will affirm that Rowing is FUN!


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