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Alliance Rowing Club Membership & Costs– 2017-18

Membership Dues are the key to ARC organizational funding and economical Member costs. We structure our fees based on many factors in order to maintain a viable organization with the best possible facilities, equipment and professional support.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Learn to Row (All Ages) - 5 sessions including proper technique and rowing basics as well as immediate application of on the water skills. COST: $164 for G6-8th and $189 for 9th Grade and UP!

Once the REQUIRED Learn to Row program is completed, the following Costs apply to the specific Membership Type/Groups within the Club 




Paid by March 1st


Spring, Summer & Fall

Member Seat Fees NonMember Seat Fees


Studio Dryland



Studio Dryland


D8 Youth Development (grades 6-8)

$250 $125 Each

$28 Single Drop-In
$240/10 Sessions
$360/20 Sessions

$32 Single Drop-In
$280/10 Sessions
$420/20 Sessions 

$20 Single Drop-in $159 Monthly  $419 3 Months

$24 Single Drop-in $209 Monthly  $509 3=Months
U19 Competitive High School (grades 9-12) $350


Spring $750

 Fall $900


Nov-Dec $280

Jan-March $360

$24 Single Drop-in $239 Monthly  $569 3=Months
Open Competitive Team (Age 19-27)

$500 Individual

$250 Individual $400 Family

Competitive Masters (27+) $500 Individual $750 Family $250 Individual $400 Family

$225/15 Sessions

$119/5 Sessions $240/10 Sessions 


*Annual membership fees include USRowing Membership which provides for on-the-water liability insurance, safety standard guidelines,
continuing education and guidance. Balance of fees help fund equipment maintenance and club operating expenses. This includes access to facilities and equipment for all three seasons.  Seasons are charged on a 3 month schedule (Mar-May, June-Aug, Sept-Nov).

U19 Seasonal fees include all coaching, boat and dryland training for a given season.  Additional fees are assessed for Regatta food & travel, uniform expenses, and other misc fees/expenses. 

†Coached boat session rates are contingent on boat size, number of participants and coach assignment. Learn 2 Row packages include 5 sessions including a Discovery session as well as immediate on the water application in Session 1

^ALL Persons participating in independent boat sessions must submit USRowing swim form and attend ARC on-the-water Orientation
and Safety training at Dammrich Rowing
Development and Masters Team Regatta fees are dependent on actual participation per Regatta