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Seasonal Sports Program in Wilmette, Illinois

Athletes from all sport disciplines can benefit from off-season strength and conditioning programs from Alliance Rowing Club of Illinois in Wilmette, Illinois. We offer cross-training at our ARC dryland facility, Northshore Fitness Studio. We formulate sports-specific training that is then custom tailored to an individual's goals and weaknesses. We can also execute therapeutic injury rehabilitation once an athlete has graduated from physical therapy and is cleared by their attending physician.

As a rowing club, we incorporate indoor rowing on Concept2 ergometers in most cross-training programs. Athletes from Hockey, cycling, running, skiing, soccer, football, basketball, volleyball and swimming all train with us in their off-seasons and will attest to the serious benefits erging has contributed to their overall fitness. We encourage all Northshore Fitness clients to try rowing on the water too.
Being prepared is the key to any athletic success. Contact us today to inquire about how Northshore Fitness and ARC can get you ready to compete.

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Alliance Rowing Club of Illinois in Wilmette, Illinois.

Rowing, Seasonal Sports Program in Wilmette, IL